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European Association for the Study
of Science and Technology

EASST Members meeting: Thu 7th July, 12:30-14:00, Madrid

The 2022 General Meeting for EASST members will take place within the EASST 2022 conference in Madrid. 

Thursday 7th July from 12:30-14:00.
In Room N101, IFEMA North Convention Center, Avenue of the Parthenon, Nº5, 28042, Madrid.

Members attending the conference are invited to come and engage with the Council over EASST activities.


1. Approval of minutes from Praque General Meeting

2. Report on the activities of the EASST council 2020–2022 
        a. Council composition and activities
        b. Publications

3. Membership report

4. Financial report (Sarah de Rijcke) and draft accounts

5. Conferences:
        a. EASST 2022 in Madrid (overview, summary, notes and numbers)
        b. EASST/4S Conference 2024 
        c. Future conferences (discuss the rhythm of EASST conferences between the meetings with 4S) 

6. Election of new council members in Autumn 2022.


Apologies for this email coming later than it should, due to the administrator having been sick for 8 days.

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