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CHAM 2019. Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa

Dear James Howard

With one week left to the start of the conference, this email aims to assist you in reaching the Reception desk in the Courtyard of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa: Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Av. de Berna 26-C, 1069-061 Lisboa.

While the conference website's Travel page has comprehensive information, here is a summary PDF of arrival information that you can download to your portable device (or print out) to read on your flight/travels.

What to bring (or procure on the spot)
If you are coming from abroad, please remember to bring a power adapter that fits the sockets in the EU (two pins – see here).
Bring your presentation files on a USB or a portable device; Mac users should remember to add VGA adapters to their kit, if you want to run things off your Mac, however all rooms have university computers with Windows PCs to run all presentations from.

CHAM and NomadIT would like to reduce the conference's environmental footprint, so we kindly ask you, if you can, to bring your own cup/bottle for water to refill from water fountains and taps at the conference venue, to reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles used.

Current weather forecasts predict sunny days with a light breeze for all 3 days of the conference. Temperatures are looking to be a max ~27C and min ~15C. Make sure to pack clothing for these warm temperatures and dry conditions. The evenings can feel cool, so bring warmer clothing for the evening events.

Where is the CHAM2019 Reception desk and when does it open?
The reception desk will be located in the Courtyard outside Tower B at the FCSH campus.

The reception desk will open at 13:00 on Wednesday 17 July.
All delegates must check-in and register at the reception tables in the Courtyard before going to any other events. 

Once the reception desk has opened, you will be able to queue to give your name, be checked in, and receive your printed programme, your name tag/conference badge and for those who purchased one, your ticket for the conference dinner on Friday evening. The queues at the reception desk will be divided according to the first letter of a person’s last name. (If you have several family names, we will be using the start letter of the first of those.)

Reception desk opening hours: Wed 13:00-18:00; Thu 09:00-17:30; Fri 09:00-16:00

Names of buildings / venues
During the conference we are using two venues for all the events on the FCSH/Universidade NOVA de Lisboa campus: Bloco 1 (B1); Auditório 1 in Tower B and the Courtyard in between the two places.  See the map to start familiarising yourself with where they are in relation to one another. 

The official welcome and opening of the conference will take place at 14:15 in Auditório 1 in Tower B.

Conference venues
Panels will take place in various rooms, all located in building Bloco 1. 
The welcome drinks reception on Wednesday evening will take place in the Courtyard of FCSH/Universidade NOVA de Lisboa campus. The conference dinner on Friday evening will take place at Faz Figura, a restaurant overlooking the Rio Tejo (see the map).

All events and panel sessions will start on time as marked on the website and the conference book.

Catering: refreshment breaks & lunches
Refreshments (Wed 16:30-17:00, Thu 11:00-11:30, 16:00-16:30, Fri 11:00-11:30, 15:30-16:00) can be obtained by delegates on display of their conference badge at the refreshment serving areas (Building Bloco 1). 

Lunches are NOT provided this year in an effort to reduce conference registration fees. We have marked on the conference map several eateries (see the red knife and fork markers) within walking distance from the conference venue that delegates can go to for their lunches. 

The conference is supported by a publisher -  Liverpool University Press - an email from them will be sent to all delegates ahead of the conference. We hope you find their advertisement of interest. 

Some local book launches will take place on Thursday evening (18:30-19:30) in Bloco 1. Please come along to this if you are interested to find out more about these local publications. 

Keynote lecture
The keynote plenaryby Paul Gilroy (King's College London) will start at 11:45 on Thursday in Auditório 1 in Tower B. 

Other events
The poster session will take place during the refreshments break on Wednesday afternoon (16:30-1700).The poster creators will be beside their posters ready to answer any questions you may have about their research. The posters will remain up for the duration of the conference.

Lastly the closing ceremony of the conference will take place on Friday evening (17:30-18:30) in Auditório 1 in Tower B - you can see all the planned events here.

Conference dinner
This year's final conference dinner on Friday evening is ticketed and so all wishing to attend need to have bought a ticket. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be bought during the conference. Those attending will be able to enjoy a 3-course meal plus wine or a soft drink at Faz Figura restaurant in central Lisbon overlooking the Rio Tejo. 

Please make sure to bring with you your conference name badge to the restaurant, as your ticket forms part of your badge (the knife and fork symbol).  

If you still want to buy a ticket, you can buy one by emailing with how many you would like and paying for your ticket before Monday 15th July.

NomadIT/ CHAM2019 conference office
For those delegates yet to settle their fees, please try to pay online or by bank transfer in advance to make your entry into the conference easier and to avoid long queues. You will need to pay before being allowed entrance to any panel or plenary or event. At the conference we can only take your payments in CASH (EUR). There are two ATM/cash machines at the venue: one in Tower B and one in the wall outside. There are also some Multibancos/ATMs in walking distance from the conference venue. The closest ATMs to campus are marked on this map. You are best advised to take out cash before arriving at the venue. Look for the Multibanco cash machines all over the city at banks or near Metro stations.

While delegates will be able to download signed, headed PDF certificates of attendance and receipts from the website login environment, after the event, those needing original/manually signed documents can request and collect these from the NomadIT office in building Bloco 1 Room 0.02 (ground floor) at a quiet time during the conference.

Luggage and Lost-and-found
You can leave your luggage at the NomadIT office until closing times Wed-Fri (Please collect each day). All lost items will be brought to the NomadIT office where you can retrieve them within the office hours.

Those presenting
Please have any files you wish to present on your portable device (or USB), and bring to your panel room 15 minutes before the session, to upload and check.  There will be a student volunteer team member present to assist - there is no need to be worried.  If you willl be using an Apple device, please remember to bring your Mac adaptor (between your mac and the VGA cable) with you.

Those convening/chairing
Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your panel starts to help ensure everything is ready. The volunteers will be around to help set things up.
Strict time-keeping is crucial to a good conference, so please ensure each presenter gets their fair share of the time, and do not overrun into the breaks. Your session may be over, but other sessions or meetings may be scheduled to use your room next. Panels have been allocated one to four ninety-minute sessions, depending on the number of accepted papers. There may be up to four papers per session. We are using 7 panel rooms at a time, so any one panel is up against that number of alternatives. So, let's all try and keep things running on time.

Wifi and computers
Eduroam credentials can be used for accessing WiFi at the University. If you don't have Eduroam credentials, delegates can use the following credentials to login onto the Eduroam network:
Ask at Reception if you have connectivity problems.

If you need to print a boarding pass or a short document, take your USB memory stick to the NomadIT office in Room 0.02 on the ground floor of building Bloco 1, where we’ll print for 20c per page. Or email us your file for printing.

Conference programme
For those who are anxious to read the conference book before reception opens, we have uploaded a PDF version on the conference website. Please make good use of the CHAM2019 website: check out the daily timetable to acquaint yourself with the general schedule on all conference days, then read about the events and meetings you could attend, and last but not least, brush up on the panel content so you can plan your days (you can search by author or convenor or all panels which when selected show the convenors, chairs, date, sessions and times and location of any panel, you can also navigate to the Schedule view which shows you when any panel is happening, in chronological order).

N.B.! A number of colleagues have not signalled their withdrawal from the event, yet appear to be facing financial/administrative hurdles in attending. Consequently, some papers remain listed which may not materialise in practice. There are already some changes since the printed programme was created and the book went to print. We have listed the Printed/PDF programme Errata on the conference homepage. We apologise for these inaccuracies in the book/PDF. It is worth checking the panels’ page on the website, as updates have been made since we went to print and all future updates will be reflected in the online pages but the PDF and the book cannot be changed now.

Emergency messages should be sent to NomadIT can be contacted on Portugal cell/mobile phone +351965097236 (James Howard).
112 is the official emergency number in Portugal. Emergency calls are always free.

For those who tweet, please use #CHAM2019 to comment on the panels and conference. We often post information or notices during the event to this hashtag so keep an eye on this for helpful advice as well.

Travel safely!

NomadIT team: James Howard, Marina Pereira, Rohan Jackson

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